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The Value of a Tree, You and Me

Recently, the news reported those who live among trees will breathe air up to 25%  richer with oxygen. Trees nourish us and remain a daily reminder of God’s love for people. Even in the midst of cement city, a tree refreshes … Continue reading

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How does Your Garden Grow?

That nasty grass is back? Wow. Yesterday I hunkered in the little patch across from the sliding glass door where our rose tree fell in the dirt midweek. Steve propped it up with a stake. Once again, I stood in … Continue reading

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Forgive Again? Yes, it is Good Friday

  Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”(Matthew 18:21, 22 NIV) … Continue reading

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For Those who Hold a Light of Hope…to Help

  Often we don’t hear the words. “Your voice counts. Your presence makes a difference.” So many times those beside someone digging through a dark wall, can wonder if they are any help.   Sometimes we underestimate the power of … Continue reading

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The Doggies Next Door

I loved the little greyhounds, Allie and Sammie, who lived next door. They both shook like leaves on a stormy day in their natural state. Their breed is specific. The closest match with human behavior would be Barney Fife, better … Continue reading

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Shame, a Spiritual Battle

  When God breaks the Silence of Shame (haunting actions, thoughts and words hiding in our heads) There is no End To  GAIN No End to AIM only     An END to PAIN. Humility and Shame can’t live together. Humility … Continue reading

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Bigger than Life; Sherwood Carthen . A Sunday memorandum at Bayside North.

“He was bigger than life in every way,” this morning Pastor Ray Johnston of Granite Bay Bayside shared the untimely death of fellow pastor Sherwood Carthen of BOSS church. His passing Wednesday saddened many in Sacramento. The Sacramento Bee honored … Continue reading

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Legacy of Friendliness- Sam the Smiing Lab

“Mmmmm” “MMMM” Benji whined straining toward the  black wide eyed lab with the bright red collar who stood tethered to the truck. A young boy hopped from the cab and headed toward the house sipping a large frothy drink, his … Continue reading

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Jesus’s Heartbeat to the Cross

 Seventy times seven.  It seems when Jesus answered the question, “How many times do you forgive someone?” (Mtt 18:22) He was prepared to practice what he had preached. Beginning from the Last Supper at the Upper Room. His journey would … Continue reading

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Our Love Story- Ring Connection

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When I started this blog 5 years ago, I wanted to include a category titled Ring Connection. Nothing encouraged me more as a single than to hear how God brought people together in marriage! What did it look like? How … Continue reading

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