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Prepare-Enrich Conflict Resolution

             Today’s class on resolving conflict at our church really punched a pack. Hard to believe I do not remember learning these stages of conflict resolution when my husband and I attended our pre-marital counseling, Prepare-Enrich. … Continue reading

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How does Your Garden Grow?

That nasty grass is back? Wow. Yesterday I hunkered in the little patch across from the sliding glass door where our rose tree fell in the dirt midweek. Steve propped it up with a stake. Once again, I stood in … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Dating and the Maze and Haze

Dating is like figuring out a  maze. Last night I spoke with two single friends and am so glad I am done with dating after literally a lifetime—married now 9 months almost!!  But it is impossible to get married without … Continue reading

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Death and Grief Relief

Lately there has been a lot of death around me. We watched the footage of the Asian airline tragedy at SFO saddened this morning at the tragic  loss of two  Chinese teenagers. July 4th a childhood friend’s father, like an … Continue reading

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Spring and Seasonal Pain Single or Married

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Spring can accentuate pain for a single longing to be married. Perspective helps. I remember… “Life is like marriage; it’s up and it’s down,” Grandma used to say moving her hand up and down in the air like an elevator … Continue reading

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Our Love Story- Ring Connection

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When I started this blog 5 years ago, I wanted to include a category titled Ring Connection. Nothing encouraged me more as a single than to hear how God brought people together in marriage! What did it look like? How … Continue reading

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Safe People: How to Recognize them…

safe people Value responsibility (take responsibility for themselves and value that in others) Neither overly dependent on others nor codependent – feeling responsible for others
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