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The Light of Christmas

  “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” What does this mean to you? I love this quote, yet without a light how […]

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Suicide and Sympathy

I don’t blame Robin Williams’s daughter for wanting out of social media sites after she received discouraging posts/ unwanted trolls. People will be judgmental in […]

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Coping with a College Break-Up

Advice for a College Break-UP My friend recently asked for prayer for her daughter who is experiencing a variety of emotions after a college break-up […]

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Jesus’s Heartbeat to the Cross

 Seventy times seven.  It seems when Jesus answered the question, “How many times do you forgive someone?” (Mtt 18:22) He was prepared to practice what […]

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Holding on, Loving God, Reaching out through Loss

In bad news, we can be assured …”this too will pass.” Seasons change. The boy now has another car, the woman is enjoying her life without that job, the baby is doing well, the bride is now a satisfied mother of two… we have to get through knowing life will tip again

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