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22 Apr. 2016

How does Your Garden Grow?

That nasty grass is back? Wow. Yesterday I hunkered in the little patch across from the sliding glass door where our rose tree fell in […]

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Shame, a Spiritual Battle

  When God breaks the Silence of Shame (haunting actions, thoughts and words hiding in our heads) There is no End To  GAIN No End […]

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Daily Close to His Heels Together

“My wife was reading my story,” he said.
She knew the direction it went. She knew him and understood the Author’s heart for her husband. It is amazing how people who know and understand us can see better than we sometimes, many times…what we need; the direction we should go.
Maybe that’s why it took Moses forty years tending sheep in the desert and learning God’s ways. He learned to listen on a long time out from the pleasures of living as a prince in a palace and being served. He learned to listen to and share the burdens of everyday living and provision through his wife’s family. To let them sharpen him as a person.

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