Experiencing God’s Guiding and Gracious Hand.
Stories, Words, and Scriptures that strengthen faith, buoy hope and deepen love. 
God is a God who breaks down walls.
As a hospital nurse, I witnessed His presence crumble walls of despair as the light of hope and health emerged from the weary faces of the physically sick…
and the isolation of death fail beneath the eternal faith of those who walked the dark valley clasping their Redeemer’s hand as they closed their eyes.
As a Juvenile Justice chaplain, I watched the power of divine forgiveness and love glimmer through tears silently erupting through the stone-faced stares of the fearful and wayward.
Together with other singles and single-again’s, through years in Christian single’s ministry I experienced His acceptance and purpose displace walls of rejection and dismay. He moved us forward into the balm of prayer, acceptance, friendship and His healing Word.
When walls tumble and the fountain of God washes and saturates dry, barren hearts, we become His well-watered gardens. When He tends us with  His Word and ways in our very being, we experience the joy of growth.  He bottles our tears and turns them to fragrance. Our personal fragrance, stamped with each of our names branded by each of our tears.
We are His newest miracle.
A life to serve Him and bless others close enough to whiff. 
A fragrance of life, gifted and sourced by the Author of Life.
Dee has worked in singles groups, prayer, and juvenile justice chaplaincy ministries over 25 years. She rejoices in the joy and comfort found in life through the gift of having many loves:  her husband, family,  friends and the delightful devotion of an ever-faithful dog.
Author, Inspirational Speaker, Coach. RN.