The Lord of the Ringless (Paperback)

The Lord of the Ringless (paperback) is a mixed bag toting the daily lives, discoveries, dreams and disappointments of today’s single Christian woman. Forty Bible study guides follow each devotional story and prayer designed for personal use or within a small women’s study group.

A wide-range of topics critical to Christian singles from Snap, Crackle, Pop, Rice-Crispy Man who said the right words but they were hollow inside to Green-Eyed Devila where a woman deals with jealousy at work. Readers will discover that miracles occur every day to women of all ages as long as they serve a living Lord—the Lord of the Ringless.

“Inspiring! Hopeful! Dee encourages single Christian women to live a more fulfilling, Christ-centered life. This devotional will grasp your head, your heart and your spirit in a refreshing, revitalizing way.”
~Kim Johnson, MSW, LCSW


The Lord of the Ringless (Audiobook)

2010 Audio Publishers Association (APA) Audies Awards Finalist

The Lord of the Ringless (Audiobook), contains four CD’s covering all four sections of the devotional stories only: Pursuit of God, Perspectives: Dating and Friendships, Personal Growth, & Purpose and Pitfalls.

“May this message remind you that your “Prince” Jesus is madly in love with you and completely committed to you.”
~Sheri Rose Shepherd, Author of My Prince will Come

Beautifully narrated by Julie Williams, the devotional stories are weaved together by the platinum hit (Point of Grace) “My God” written and recorded by Carla Sullivan. Each includes Scripture and prayer and does not include the Bible Study guide.