I was born in the San Francisco Bay area where the winds of time once breezed through creating a landing place for my paternal grandparents.

In between two brothers I grew up with sports, ethnic foods, music, and a love for the great outdoors. Travel brought great joy and treks to my favorite mountains, our majestic Sierra Nevadas.

As a hospital nurse for twenty five years I learned Jesus is near to the sick and broken hearted. A schoolteaching credential allowed the world of growth and children to balance the other world of work.

At seventeen I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. His love fueled my faith and propelled me into missionary experiences abroad, Singles ministry (growing with and equipping singles through Bible studies and prayer), and carrying my guitar into Juvenile Hall to praise and enter heaven’s halls with our incarcerated youth for over twenty years.

My search for companionship as a single led to authoring a devotional book with forty Bible studies, Lord of the Ringless. The audiobook, produced by my talented husband (and how we met,) was a 2010 Audiebook nominee in the non-fiction, faith based inspirational category.

The latter part of my single life, led to a renewed love for canines,who inspired many dog devotionals, common occurences with our dogs that lead to a spiritual lesson. Sam, my yellow Lab, wagged his happy tail down the aisle of my first wedding a year ago before he passed on to doggie heaven. Benjamin Sterling, our miniature schnauzer, remains to bring humor and daily delight to my gentle husband and I.

dogSpirations, Little Life Lessons and Big God Glimpses our Dogs Inspire was launched October 2015 as a paperback and E-book. The audiobook will be available 2016. DogSpirations includes He’s a Keeper, which reveals how her dogs influenced her in marrying Steve, an audio-engineer.