The love for devotions stemmed from Guideposts, via my Grandmother so it has been fun writing some devotions for

Barbour Books has allowed me to write for some of their animal devotion compilations, most recently May 2016 newly released 3 Minute Devotions for the Dog Lover’s Heart and the companion gift book, 3 Minute Devotions for the Cat Lover’s Heart. Previously Heavenly Humor for the Dog Lover’s Soul and Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover’s Soul.  My Sam Lab’s story is included in The Dog Next Door (Revel)

Poetry touched my heart at fifteen and continues to be an emotional release for me. So I was glad to be part of the Inspire Press poetry compilation, Glimpses.

Other anthologies I contributed to include: Glimpses; promises, Inspire Promise (Dec. 2014) , Inspire Forgiveness (Dec. 2015), and to be released Inspire Joy (Nov, 2016), Inspire Love (tbr  Dec 2017) and Guideposts prayer series,  from Tragedy to Triumph.