Category: Valley of Grief

Suicide and Sympathy

I don’t blame Robin Williams’s daughter for wanting out of social media sites after she received discouraging posts/ unwanted trolls. People will be judgmental in […]

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Death and Grief Relief

Lately there has been a lot of death around me. We watched the footage of the Asian airline tragedy at SFO saddened this morning at […]

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Holding on, Loving God, Reaching out through Loss

In bad news, we can be assured …”this too will pass.” Seasons change. The boy now has another car, the woman is enjoying her life without that job, the baby is doing well, the bride is now a satisfied mother of two… we have to get through knowing life will tip again

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Where Dancing Never Ends

Yesterday I attended a funeral with my Mom, one of the original Classy Tappers, a tap dancing troupe that entertains at private parties, lodge functions […]

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Grief Care

When someone you know has just lost a loved one, it is hard to know what you can do to show you care and provide […]

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Help After a Death

"Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help" As a griever, we hear it over and over–especially immediately after our […]

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National Tragedy

Death hits us hard. Today I ran into La Bou for coffee passing the newspaper stand. I glanced down, "3 Sheriffs Shot". I couldn’t even […]

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