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Don’t Blame God in the Custody Battle

“The bomb might be going to court, dealing with an attorney, money issues, fears real or irrational. After the bomb drops, mentally and emotionally I run straight into the wings of Jesus—my safe bunker… ” Remarried parent going through a custody battle

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Market Slide and God’s Peace

The market is up and down. We look to an Everlasting God for our provision. He will provide as he does for the birds which continue to sing around us (like the frogs in my backyard fountain).

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National Day of Prayer Prayers

National Day of Prayer Thursday May 7, 2009   We attended the event at William Jessup University with 1000 participants. One by one each representative […]

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Angel’s Unawares

In this day and age, we need to keep our eyes open. I just hung up the phone. My friend shared an amazing story. Bobby, […]

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Vocational Prayer for Job Seekers

Neil Tobin, from Bayside Career Coaching, shared a wonderful story from his childhood with dozens seeking employment. When he was five years old he recalled […]

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After the Christmas Tree Comes Down

   Yesterday my friend said, “I took the tree down today…I’m feeling depressed.”  I didn’t say anything. My tree is up and I’m feeling depressed…because […]

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A Little Town in Texas

“There are no jobs.” I have heard this comment alot lately. Last week I asked a woman what it meant. “There are an abundance of […]

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The Little Frog

Last night I awoke unable to sleep. At 2am I began looking for something I misplaced. My lab, Sammy snored and schnauzer, Benji winced as […]

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