Category: After the Ring- Perspectives

Gentleness; She Knew my Story

Gentleness is love in action, being considerate and meeting the needs of others, allowing time for the other person to talk and being willing to […]

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Prevailing Love

We will give prevailing love in spite of a hurt, if we learn to head towards God and his heart and mind first, for venting and filtering

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That “In Love” Feeling

 I just exchanged emails with a woman about infastuation, dating and the defining period of three months.  Usually 3 months is when the infatuation wears […]

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Mel Gibson loses Passion

  By now we have all heard Mel Gibson’s marriage of 28 years and 6 children is ending. His wife has filed for divorce and […]

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Marriage Lives with Memories

I met a widow tugging two small white bichon’s  tonite on my dog walk. We watched our dogs show interest in each other and started […]

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50 Years After the Rings

Today I had the privilege of attending a precious and rare occasion—a 50th wedding anniversary. The betrothal date, December 26th, 1958.     The celebrated couple Charles and […]

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