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Don’t Blame God in the Custody Battle

“The bomb might be going to court, dealing with an attorney, money issues, fears real or irrational. After the bomb drops, mentally and emotionally I run straight into the wings of Jesus—my safe bunker… ” Remarried parent going through a custody battle

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Divorce Care Thirty Years Later

Tonite a group of women are coming over…to pray about their divorces. For their children. For their peace and serenity. It takes a community of […]

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The Private War of Nice Single-Parents

Three times recently I’ve heard the frustrations of sane and simple single parents bandied about from the unpleasant gales of vengeful ex-spouses harassing, withholding visitiation […]

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The Reason for the Tears

It’s not easy to be single-again for our sisters and brothers who find themselves spinning on the ballroom floor once again….alone without their mate. For […]

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