Category: Random Acts of God

Waiting for the Best

We must wait patiently when we are waiting for the best person to share our dreams and the daily ploughs and pleasures of life this side […]

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A Wedding Florist Story

“Don’t forget to take it slower so you can smell the roses as you trek the pathways of life. Being in a hurry will cause […]

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Angel’s Unawares

Angel’s Unawares She didn’t even know he knew how to take the light rail. Neither she nor her estranged husband allowed him to freely roam […]

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Just a Paper Clip

It was just a paper clip. But a paper clip in Juvenile Hall can be dangerous. It could be used to poke an eye or […]

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Birds and Breezes

“What are your thoughts for starting the New Year?” A friend recently asked. I usually have a word or thought to center on—usually hands down—it’s […]

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Airport Adventure

Two looks. The first, “Why are you so late?” stern. The second, “Let me check the plane…yes, we have one seat…“You’re lucky – we have […]

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Airport Adventure

“An adventure is by its nature, a thing that comes to us. It is a thing that chooses us, not a thing we choose.” G.W.Chesterton […]

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Shepherds of our Soul

Gentleness is love in action, being considerate and meeting the needs of others, allowing time for the other person to talkand being willing to learn. […]

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Wonder in the Fall

Today I noticed the leaves are turning. It’s the first day I’ve noticed. Makes me question if it’s been happening all week and I had […]

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