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Safe People: How to Recognize them…

safe people Value responsibility (take responsibility for themselves and value that in others) Neither overly dependent on others nor codependent – feeling responsible for others

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Know You are Beloved

Recently in Franklin TN, my 23 year old nephew and talked about dating. We read through portions of the study guide on Desperado from my book Lord of […]

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Henry J Kaiser on Human Relations

We recently visited Richmond, California where the Red Oak Victory remains as a symbol of the great shipbuilding years of 1940 where 742 ships were […]

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We Must Learn to Wait

Here is a beautiful poem I read many moons ago as a     twenty-something. Be encouraged.   Rich lyric & truth by Jean KylerMcMannus.   […]

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A woman shared since she declared bankruptcy, just trying to network with others to share her skills, contacting old friends provokes a hands up–people holding her […]

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Saying for Sickbay

Okay, so today I am officially at sickbay. I thought it was allergies from friends reporting runny eyes, postnasal drip, sore throat sequelae from the […]

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Only One Person

How has your past week been? Two friends today felt the term shipwreck adequately sums up the effects from storms they've encountered recently. Rain pelting the […]

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“TGIF.”   I used to say this every Friday when I worked Monday to Friday with intensity. My career was hard work but I made […]

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Seeds of Faith by Max Lucado

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing songs to God as the other prisoners listened.” Acts 16:25 “Great acts of faith are seldom […]

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The Transformer of Life

I’m thinking about the power of the Resurrection and the Hope that Easter represents. The vibrant new flowers covering the ground and topping the trees […]

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