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For Those who Hold a Light of Hope…to Help

  Often we don’t hear the words. “Your voice counts. Your presence makes a difference.” So many times those beside someone digging through a dark wall, can wonder if they are any help.   Sometimes we underestimate the power of … Continue reading

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Single with Dog, One New Year Eve Past

Today, the first of 2016, I wanted to post this for the single’s who I love and pray with and for, as I am still newly married, and still remember…. I lived single a long time, longer than most, desiring marriage. One … Continue reading

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Knights of the Light, a Star Wars devotional

The Jedi knights in the Star Wars films  are brave guardians of the Universe destined by blood lines, they train from youth at the Jedi Academy through the power of the Force to defeat the tyranny of the Dark Side. … Continue reading

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Following your Footprints…at times as these

A number of years ago, I wrote a poem when the world around me seemed to be changing too fast. incomprehensible. The peace only comes in knowing, He knows. He sees. All of it. All of me. All of us. Following … Continue reading

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after Job had prayed for his friends…JOb 42:10 After? When did this man of suffering start praying for his friends? I love to swim and pray, but the praying doesn’t always happen right away. In swimming as in life, we … Continue reading

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Failing an Interview and Gaining Perspective

Today my friend asked us to pray for her daughter, a new college grad who has a panel interview upcoming for her first job. A memory triggered of me as a twenty year old student who stood at the top floor … Continue reading

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The Doggies Next Door

I loved the little greyhounds, Allie and Sammie, who lived next door. They both shook like leaves on a stormy day in their natural state. Their breed is specific. The closest match with human behavior would be Barney Fife, better … Continue reading

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Gals Time Out… A Quick SF Weekend Blog for Foodies…

I always thought it would be fun to be a travel writer…well I’m not. But here’s a memorable experience during my single days riveted around food that still makes me smile. Perhaps you can save up and enjoy a fun … Continue reading

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Gaps and Grace. Growing in Marriage.

“You need to give each other more grace.“ Our marriage counselor intentionally looked each of us in the eye last week. Gaps. My gaps stare at my mate. His stare right back at me. And our marriage counselor sees it … Continue reading

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Framing the Picture with Patience

I am quick to toot the horn at the left turn signal, to my husband’s chagrin, if the person in front of me doesn’t step on their gas pedal around three seconds into green. So I read again recently, The fruit of … Continue reading

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